Silk Route 2020


The 1200+ km "SILK ROUTE" is the official Brevet (long distance cycling ride) based on the rules of the Audax Club Parisian (ACP).

It takes place in Uzbekistan in accordance with the annual International Calendar of Randonneurs Mondial on an approved route and fixed schedule.

The Silk Road derives its name from the lucrative Chinese silk trade where silk  was carried accross the continent from China to the West.  

The ride start is between 7-00 and 8-00am on September 19st, 2020 from the city of Samarkand, and finishes in Tashkent. Legend of the route.

The maximum number of riders is 50.

1 Maksim Fedorov Russia
2 Sergei Siaskov Russia
3 Magnus Fischer Germany
4 Kseniia Druzhinina Russia
5 Pamela Cepparulo Italy
6 Viacheslav Ershov Russia
7 Aleksandr Gordienko Russia
8 Konstantin Makarov Russia
9 Alexey Lukashin Russia
10 Petr Sinelnik Russia
11 Rafkhat Sulemin Uzbekistan
12 Aleksei Bulychev Russia
14 Sergey Golubkov Russia
15 Oleg Volkov Russia
16 Ichiro Noda Germany
17 Aleksei Zakharov Russia
18 Andrei Afonin Russia
19 Dragomir Titei Romania
20 Vasily Shirobokov Russia
21 Alexander Velskov Russia
22 Barry Browne  Ireland
23 Paul Tost Germany
24 Keisuke Hinoue  Japan
25 Paul van Wersch Canada
26 Svetlana Sedova Russia
27 Vadim Malakhovskiy Russia
28 Dmitry Baryshnikov Russia
29 Sergei Tonkovskii Russia
30 Anastasia Zhukova Russia
31 Elena Murzina Russia
32 Georgy Solodovnikov Russia
33 Oleg Povarnin Russia
34 Claus Czycholl Germany
35 Sören Ritter Germany
36 Sergei Kolomietc Russia
37 Roman Bogdanov Russia
38 Jöran März Germany
39 Andrey Popov Russia
40 Dmitrii Kimber Russia
41 Aleksandr Poloskov Russia
42 Evgenii Antsupov Russia
43 Aleksei Frolov Russia
44 Emrah Duezel Germany
45 Aleksei Ievlev Russia
46 Aleksandr Nikolaev Uzbekistan
47 Aleksei Kopylov Russia
48 Grigorii Kolmykov Russia
49  Aleksei Konev Russia
50 Peter Donnan AUSTRALIA